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Myth: The perfect body for summer

There are ways to get the body you want right before the beach if you have the right mindset, experts say.

The air temperature is already reminiscent of summer, and many of us are thinking about taking the first step towards being slim, and some have already dared to do so. At the same time, as you “sit” more and more on social networks, others have already chosen a diet for themselves, went to the gym to “ennoble” their figure for a trip to the beach. But do you think this is not for you?

Experts have found a solution. Instead of wasting your energy searching for idealized beauty standards, why not focus more on yourself and how you can be physically and mentally healthy in your own way?

Find an exercise that suits you
Spending endless hours in the gym doing grueling workouts that stress you out and tire you out probably won't help you get the body you want, especially if you're not a fitness enthusiast. There are many alternative workouts you can try until you find one that works for you. How about, for example, a leisurely jog to your favorite music, a little dance, a walk or a bike ride in nature?

Choose foods that give you energy
We all have our favorite snacks, some of which are still healthy. “Push” on them instead of “choking on hated oatmeal in the morning.”

Living with Mindfulness
Completely eliminating your favorite chocolate from your diet may not be the answer. You can just do some useful substitutions. If you're a salty person, try making homemade sweet potato chips. If you have a sweet tooth, you can make diet cookies without flour with nuts. Nuts and fresh fruit are also two ideas that will give you energy and essential nutrients. Of course, for the sake of your figure, it would be good to always observe moderation in consumption.

Follow body positive influencers
You may be inspired by someone you admire to get closer to your goal. Make communication your own space of positivity and follow those people who don't set unrealistic standards and make you feel confident.

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable
Don't force yourself to wear shorts, tops, or other clothing that exposes too much of your body (if you don't feel comfortable wearing them) just because the temperature has risen. Choose your look based on your taste, desires and what you like.

Perhaps the most important thing to do when preparing for the summer months is to remind yourself that you don't need to change your appearance to meet any standard of the mythical “summer body.” Your body is ready for the beach! Under no circumstances should you be pressured into dieting restrictively to lose weight before your first trip to the beach.

Take your time to achieve your desired goals. In other words, take care of your body by prioritizing your health, and only then… the swimsuit you wear (there are great options for one-piece swimsuits that will make you look stunning).

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