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Foods that make you hungry

Hunger is the body’s natural need for energy, fluid and electrolytes. The feeling of hunger is identified as the result of a complex interaction of factors such as hormones that regulate appetite, as well as emotional states such as stress.

Thus, we often snack on various snacks in addition to the main meal. However, there are some foods that make us even hungrier, even though we just ate them.

Salty snacks. For example, potato chips make us hungry because they contain a lot of salt, which causes dehydration. Although we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty.

Cereals. Despite the fact that this products known for its beneficial properties for the body, thanks to the fiber they contain, which acts as a shield against various diseases, many grains (white rice, etc.) contain a lot of sugar, which causes disruption of insulin regulation.

Juices. Something similar happens with these drinks. Despite the fact that juices contain valuable vitamins for the body and can give us energy, natural sugars lead to a sharp increase in the level of glucose and insulin in the blood. Therefore, after drinking juice, we begin to think about what to snack on.

White bread has a high glycemic index because it is made from refined grains, which are quickly absorbed during digestion. This causes a spike (and subsequent drop) in blood sugar and insulin levels. In addition, white bread is low in fiber, so it is better to choose whole grain bread.

Pasta have exactly the same effect as white bread, however, since they are consumed in larger quantities, there is a risk of weight gain. If you decide to treat yourself to pasta, choose pasta made from durum wheat.

Low fat foods (e.g. yogurt) may be considered suitable for dieting, but they may not be able to satisfy hunger, resulting in the need to eat more food to feel full.

Pizza – one of the favorite fast foods, especially if a large company has gathered at home to watch a movie. But due to the white flour in the dough, trans fats, processed cheeses and preservatives, after eating the product, the blood sugar level drops so much that no one can limit themselves to one piece. The result will soon be visible at the waist.

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