Questions from the family of a vaccinated businessman who died of Covid

The 57-year-old father of three was in excellent health and in excellent physical shape, and was vaccinated against covid on time. Alas, death overtook him, no matter what. The death of a successful businessman in Kozani, who died of the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated, has raised grief and many questions. The sportswear shop owner […]

Fully vaccinated surgeon Christos Constantaras dies

Despite being fully vaccinated, Christos Constantaras, professor of medicine and surgeon at the Agios Lukas clinic in Thessaloniki, contracted the coronavirus and died. A renowned physician with many years of experience and great contribution to the national health system was diagnosed with cancer. In early February, the doctor completed the vaccination. The deceased was left […]

60-year-old anti-Vaxer refuses treatment and dies

More and more cases of refusals to undergo necessary medical procedures in hospitals by coronavirus and vaccination deniers are being identified. After the patients refused intubation and transfusion of vaccinated blood, one of them in Drama allegedly refused to take antibiotics, which in his case proved fatal. Deputy Governor of Drama Georgios Papadopoulos told about […]

Intubate or give "die peacefully"

After the death of a 57-year-old woman who denied the coronavirus vaccine, another patient was admitted to Evangelismos Hospital who refused to be intubated, said Matina Pagoni, president of the Doctors’ Association of Athens-Piraeus Hospital. Speaking on SKAI this morning, she said: “Often patients and relatives do not allow doctors to intubate them. From now […]

Having lost both parents to death from covid, the young Greek became a medical student

A young man from Nafpaktos, Dimitris Karakostas, who lost both of his parents to the coronavirus a few months ago, has become a medical student. After the announcement of the Ministry of Education, it became known that he scored 18,685 points, the required level for admission to a medical institute, and was enrolled in the […]

Horror over the death of the dentist who gave both doses of the vaccine

The news that a patient, who received both doses of the vaccine and did not suffer from underlying medical conditions, died “from the shock” of the deadly virus, caused shock and serious concern. The fact was confirmed by the director of the intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki and the pulmonologist Nikos […]

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