44-year-old priest from Grevena dies of coronavirus

A 44-year-old priest from Grevena, who was ill with a coronavirus, has died. According to ekklisinaonline, the clergyman Christos Tsiotikas fell ill with the coronavirus and was first taken to the clinic of the Grevena hospital, and later it was considered necessary to intubate him and take him to the Ptolemaida clinic, Bodosakeyo (Μποδοσάκειο). He […]

Loutraki: 49-year-old unvaccinated priest dies of covid

Father Vasilis, a 49-year-old priest from Loutraki, lost the battle with the coronavirus, leaving behind three orphans. According to the loutrakiblog.gr publication, Father Vasily was “afraid” of vaccination, but in the end he contracted the coronavirus and ended up in the intensive care unit of the Corinthian hospital. Father Vasilis was married and had three […]

Investigation by the prosecutor’s office of the case of an anti-waxer who infected his mother and she died

A preliminary examination was ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki in the case of an opponent of vaccination who infected his mother, as a result of which she died. According to the iefimerida.gr edition, the unvaccinated man allegedly did not comply with the coronavirus measures. And I decided that it is better to get […]

Fully vaccinated 49-year-old and 22-year-old unvaccinated die

Anestis Kiulpalis, director of the intensive care unit of Venizelio Hospital (Βενιζέλειο Νοσοκομείο), said a 49-year-old man from Heraklion, who was fully vaccinated and had no underlying medical conditions, died this morning from developing pulmonary embolism. “He had one of the rare but possible complications of coronavirus – pulmonary embolism. This is one of those […]

Questions from the family of a vaccinated businessman who died of Covid

The 57-year-old father of three was in excellent health and in excellent physical shape, and was vaccinated against covid on time. Alas, death overtook him, no matter what. The death of a successful businessman in Kozani, who died of the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated, has raised grief and many questions. The sportswear shop owner […]

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