Horror over the death of the dentist who gave both doses of the vaccine

The news that a patient, who received both doses of the vaccine and did not suffer from underlying medical conditions, died “from the shock” of the deadly virus, caused shock and serious concern.

The fact was confirmed by the director of the intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki and the pulmonologist Nikos Karavelos, speaking on the Open TV channel after the patient died in the intensive care unit of the hospital. According to him, the death of a patient is an exception.

“This is the first out of 13,000 coronavirus deaths in our country to have been fully vaccinated,” said Mr Karavelos.

In his statements to grtimes.gr, he gave more information about the deceased patient. In particular, he said that he was 71 years old, he was a dentist and followed all medical protocols.

However, he and his family recently contracted the Delta mutation. Although his wife and twin children survived the illness with mild symptoms, the man had to be admitted to the intensive care unit. Although the dentist did not have serious illnesses, according to Capravelos, his immune system could not stand it.

“The virus broke through its defenses, and the body was unable to respond appropriately. In addition, in the intensive care unit, this person was infected with microbes that are resistant to the strongest antibiotics. Alas, the patient could not survive, despite the efforts of the doctors, ”he said.

Mr Karavelos addressed the vaccinated, emphasizing that they should be careful and pointing out that vaccination is not a panacea.

“The vaccine does not make you immortal. Do not worship the vaccinated. Each company has announced levels of protection against the virus. The best formulations cover about 90%. This leaves 10%, which may cause problems for a small percentage of the population. This is why vaccinated people need to be careful. I do not agree with the privileges given to vaccinated people who do not wear masks and can gather and enter everywhere, ”he concluded.

Mr. Karavelos considers the situation with the virus rather difficult, unlike his colleagues, who are convinced that we can easily get rid of the disease.

“This incident is a loud signal that we will not end this virus immediately. It is wrong to say that we will eradicate it. We are not dealing with the polio virus, it is a much more serious disease, and we will be fighting it for several more years, ”the expert summed up.

Speaking on Open TV, he expressed serious concern about the fourth wave of the pandemic in the fall, when tourists and citizens will return home from their holidays.

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