60-year-old anti-Vaxer refuses treatment and dies

More and more cases of refusals to undergo necessary medical procedures in hospitals by coronavirus and vaccination deniers are being identified.

After the patients refused intubation and transfusion of vaccinated blood, one of them in Drama allegedly refused to take antibiotics, which in his case proved fatal.

Deputy Governor of Drama Georgios Papadopoulos told about the incident on the GrTimes website in Thessaloniki. “I just attended the funeral of a 60-year-old anti-Vaxer who, when he was ill and was prescribed antibiotics, did not take them!” – said the official, stressing that there are quite a lot of vaccine deniers in Drama.

“You know that the city of Drama is a champion in anti-vaccination campaigns. And it is strange that some people still deny the coronavirus, because in our region, from the beginning of the pandemic to the present day, there are more than 400 deaths, ”added Mr Papadopoulos.

Let us remind you that from today, at 6 am, the regional units of Kastoria and Xanthi are going into mini-isolation mode.

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