Having lost both parents to death from covid, the young Greek became a medical student

A young man from Nafpaktos, Dimitris Karakostas, who lost both of his parents to the coronavirus a few months ago, has become a medical student.

After the announcement of the Ministry of Education, it became known that he scored 18,685 points, the required level for admission to a medical institute, and was enrolled in the university in Patras. The young man decided to devote his life to saving others.

Dimitris Karakostas became famous throughout the country, becoming an example of a teenager who faces the difficulties of life at an early age, but does not lose faith in life. The guy after the loss of two parents in the Rio hospital was in a very difficult situation. However, when he realized that his parents would like him to “get on his feet,” he continued his studies and passed the state exams well.

It should be noted that the Prime Minister himself called him to congratulate him on his enrollment in the university. In addition, Dimitris Karakostas was officially invited to the annual presidential dinner.

Dimitris, became an example for everyone and conveyed the message that no matter what difficulties we encounter on our way, with faith in the goal and with dedication to the dream, we can achieve it. Happy after such a long wait, he declares that he is very pleased and will soon leave for Patras to start his student life.

“Finally I did it. Everything is fine. It was a difficult year, and I am very happy, because you never know how it can end. After I found out that I entered, I felt very happy. lately I knew that I would probably go to university, but I was very worried. This was a goal for me and my parents, and I would like them to be proud of me. I am leaving for Patras soon, “Dimitris Karakostas told newsit.gr …

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