Mitsotakis: Possible Additional Measures Against Covid-19 Over Christmas

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis left open the possibility of additional measures against Covid-19 during the Christmas season in order to contain the development of the strain Omicron… Speaking to reporters ahead of the EU summit in Brussels, Mitsotakis said: “We will take additional measures as needed, such as additional testing during the Christmas season, […]

Christmas all year round

The handmade Christmas decorations workshop of Afanasia Kotopoulou is the only one in Greece that managed to withstand the crisis and preserve the tradition of the triptych “fire, glass and art”. In a small workshop on the street of Halkidiki in Thessaloniki, a miracle has been performed every day for almost half a century. This […]

Festive Christmas timetable for shops

Christmas is approaching and retail stores are starting to work on extended hours for the convenience of citizens, including on Sundays. During the Christmas 2021 holiday season, the Athens Trade Association offers the following opening hours for commercial stores: Sunday 12.12.2021 11.00-18.00 Monday 13.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Tuesday 14.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Wednesday 15.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Thursday 16.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Friday […]

A Christmas Nightmare: Dark Predictions, Plan "B" for the unvaccinated

The next few days are especially critical for the course of the pandemic in Greece, and health experts are warning of a worsening coronavirus situation, awaiting the climax of COVID-19 by Christmas. And although the government has already put in place additional restrictions for unvaccinated citizens, there are scripts plan “B”, which is currently being […]