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Outdoor recreation: ideas for "forays" out of town for Christmas

Most of us celebrate Christmas as a family at home, with a table set, sweets, gifts and wishes exchanged next to decorated Christmas trees.

But of course, there are those who want to take a break from everyday life for a while and plan a short trip out of town. Of course, most often the choice is made at the last minute, depending on the weather, mood and the fullness of our wallet.

So if your base is Thessaloniki, there are several options for organizing a last minute trip. One good option is Litochoro. The trip can be combined with a walk on Mount Olympus, visit Ag. Panteleimonas (Παλαιό Άγιο Παντελεήμονα) and other beautiful places in Pieria. This is a financially beneficial option, since it will not cost you much in terms of transport, and accommodation for the duration of your stay can be found for as little as 50 euros.

The direction to Naousa is equally good. The cost of the trip is set at 14 euros, and accommodation for four days is just over 160 euros per person. A more remote option, but ideal for a few days’ respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, is Psarades in Prespeses (Ψαράδες στις Πρέσπες). Of course, due to the distance, about 3 hours from Thessaloniki, the fare is higher (about 40 euros), and the cost of an overnight stay per person for a four-day period reaches 106 euros.

For those who want to go on a longer journey: pay attention to the “charming” route to Tsepelovo (Τσεπέλοβο). Believe me, it is worth the approximately 3.5 hour drive.

At approximately the same distance from Thessaloniki and Neraidochori is the mountain resort of Trikala. The route to Loutra Pozar takes less than 2 hours.

100 km from Thessaloniki, surrounded by green forest, on one of the slopes of Mount Voras, on the Thermopotamos River (translated from Greek as “warm river”), hidden are the healing thermal springs of Loutra Pozar, Arideya, their other name. – Pozar Almopias. To find these amazing places, you need to get to the small village of Kato Loutraki, which is located 13 km from Aridea and 20 km from the Kaimaktsalan ski center, in Pella prefecture.

Visit Lake Kerkini (λίμνη Κερκίνη). It is 95.8 kilometers from Thessaloniki and you will be there in 1 hour 22 minutes. Mount Beles in combination with Lake Kerkini gives an incredible experience to lovers of not only ecotourism, but also to everyone who loves pristine nature and walks in the countryside.

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