July 16, 2024

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"Home Alone 2023" from the British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak posted a Christmas video on X, not even expecting that it would cause negative reactions from users.

Merry Christmas from Downing Street is a Home Alone style video that opens with a lavishly decorated entrance to Downing Street. In the office at the table there is the prime minister, who at some point realized that he was left completely alone in the building: “Am I here alone?”

Further events unfold literally according to the script of a classic film: the prime minister, reveling in loneliness, carefreely plays with the cat, builds and destroys barricades from cans, bakes candies – in general, enjoys the moment when he is away from human eyes, which is extremely rare for any public person.

His fun is interrupted by a phone call, which, by the way, caused indignation among users. Picking up the phone, Sunak hesitantly replies: “Uh, No. 10 press office.” Then, after listening to the interlocutor, he says: “Harry, you have the wrong number,” and hangs up.

The name Harry caused some users to suspect that he was referring to the prince. Although others believed he was referring to Harry Cole, the British journalist who reported that the Prime Minister’s personal phone had been stolen.

Although Prince Harry decided to build a new life in California with Meghan Markle and their children in 2020, turning his back on the royal family, it is unlikely Sunak had him in mind. After all, the Prime Minister meets with King Charles every week as part of his duties. Just imagine the rhetoric writes CNN Greece. Judge for yourself:

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