July 20, 2024

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How Ukraine plans "hide" F-16s after their transfer by Western allies

It has become known how Ukraine will protect the F-16s it will receive in 2024 – this will require enormous funds, we are talking about the arrangement of underground storage facilities and bunkers.

Ilya Yevlash, speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, spoke about this on April 29. He noted that the Ukrainian military is preparing a set of measures to protect F-16 fighters when they are transferred and appear in the country:

“There are a number of developments on how it will be possible to safely deploy F-16s in Ukraine so that they can effectively carry out tasks and protect our airspace. But for this it is necessary to properly prepare their location. These are colossal funds, we are talking about underground storage facilities and bunkers. Therefore, methods are now being developed regarding exactly how they can be placed.”

He reminded writes “Correspondent” that with the F-16 the Defense Forces will be able to conduct various operations to repel air strikes and defeat Russian aggressors. According to Yevlash, the plan is for a dispersed location on different types of runways, where it will be difficult for the Russians to detect aircraft. A different set of methods will also be used to mislead the occupiers.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine could receive the first F-16 fighters in the summer of 2024. The Ministry of Defense stated that all the necessary decisions on obtaining F-16 aircraft have already been made and the process is “moving according to plan.” The air force also assured that the appearance of the F-16 “will be a surprise.”

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