June 24, 2024

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Electric buses in Athens: the first 46 are already on route

On the first route of the new electric buses launched by Ο.ΣΥ. In Athens, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras, entered the interior of the city vehicle, accompanied by the Secretary General of Transport, Yannis Kifaras, and the Managing Director of Ο.ΣΥ. A.E. Stefanos Agiasoglu.

“Today is an important day for public transport in Athens. The electric buses are plying, as promised by the management of Ο.ΣΥ., on the streets of Athens,” said the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport. Mr. Staikouras, after inspecting the new vehicles at the company's depot in Agios Ioannis Rentis, boarded the first electric bus plying the route 909 (Agios Vasilios-Ag. Sofia-Nikia, wider area of ​​Piraeus) Staikouras noted: “The number of electric buses is expected to double in the coming weeks.”

All 140 electric buses are integrated into the capital's transport project. Of these, 46 buses are serving citizens for the first time today. These are modern buses that cause much less damage to the environment (in terms of energy impact). Electric buses are also designed for comfortable transportation of citizens with limited mobility.

“City transport is being modernized. Diesel buses “remain in a different era.” But we all must do even more to improve the daily lives of citizens, always treating passengers with respect,” the minister emphasized.

General Director of Ο.ΣΥ. A.E. Stefanos Agiasoglu noted: “Along with the modernization of buses, the Ο.ΣΥ system itself is being modernized. Athens City Transport, which last year created a number of infrastructures for the digital modernization of the company, will serve the benefit of the citizens and visitors of Athens.”

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