June 24, 2024

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Santorini: 33-year-old foreign woman arrested for illegal sex services

Authorities on the island of Santorini have begun to arrest a 33-year-old foreign woman, against whom a case has been opened for possession of narcotic substances and violation of the law in terms of providing sex services.

In particular, the girl found clients through the site and went on “dates” (after specifying the place, time of the meeting and monetary reward). In order to stop its activities, a police operation was organized, during which police officer posing as a customer, after communicating on the site, I went to the hotel, where I met the lady. The front person paid the pre-agreed amount of 120 euros and gained access to the service.

It was established that she did not have the necessary certificates/licenses to provide the relevant services. In addition, 7,100 euros and a small amount of cannabis were found and confiscated. The arrested foreigner will be brought to the Naxos district attorney.

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