June 24, 2024

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Found a wild bear cub "shelter" in the backyard of a residential building

Cute as a child's stuffed toy, an orphaned bear cub, chased by dogs, was rescued thanks to two local residents of Kozani.

In Pavlos and Martha's yard on Mother's Day, the three-month-old bear tried to find shelter and was rescued when the couple placed it in a safe location and notified the Kozani Forest Service and the wild bear organization ARCTUROS.

When emergency response crews arrived, they calmed the terrified cub by feeding and drinking it and immediately began searching for the bear. The bear cub was placed inside some special structure from which he could not get out, but it would be easy for mother bear to get him out of there. The screams and cries of a little bear cub left in the forest could be heard over a large radius, and it would have been enough for her (if she were alive) to discover him and “come to the rescue.”

Unfortunately this did not happen, so the next morning “ARCTUROS” picked up the cub and took it to the Wildlife Reintroduction Center where it will grow for a year and then an attempt will be made to return it to the wild.

As mentioned in the organization's announcement, the baby was named Martha as a sign of respect for the woman who saved him. Martha weighs about five pounds and is quite healthy. The first examination of the animal is very encouraging, as she avoids her guardians and maintains the behavior of a wild animal.

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