Will Erdogan succeed "sit on two chairs"

Ankara is torn between F-16s and S-400s, causing real irritation in Washington. It is vital for Turkey to upgrade its fighter aircraft fleet, as the country’s air force has lost a significant portion of its fighter aircraft in recent years. The United States is threatening sanctions but is discussing with Turkey the sale of 40 […]

Discussion begins on the transfer of American F-15 and F-16 fighters to Ukraine

If Ukraine holds out until September, then we could see dogfights between US and Russian fighter jets over Kyiv. Washington political circles are working on the transfer of the Ukrainian Air Force American F-15 and F-16 fighters. It is reported that under the National Defense Appropriations Act, a fund of $100 million to train Ukrainian […]

What the government said about the possibility of modernizing Turkish F-16s from the United States and what it is silent about now

For the past 24 hours, the Greek government has been trying to convince the population that “Erdogan has not achieved anything outstanding at the NATO summit” using all media they control. As we learned yesterday, the Americans will not only modernize old Turkish F-16s up to the latest version of block 50. They will also […]

US sells F-16s to Turkey

The Turkish president will be able to modernize the fleet of F-16s after the veto is lifted by Finland and Sweden, said Celeste Wallander, US assistant secretary of defense. Erdogan bargained for a long time, but still managed persuade NATO go on its terms on acceptance of Finland and Sweden to the military bloc. He […]

Greece – USA: Price "gentle" friendship

Months after the signing of a defense agreement between Greece and the United States, Washington is considering Turkey’s offer to buy and upgrade F-16 fighter jets, with officials in Ankara saying the move would improve bad relations. After the USA, in fact torpedoed gas pipeline EASTMED, followed by a second “strike”. According to WSJ“The Biden […]

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