June 24, 2024

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53-year-old foreign Bandera woman arrested for a whole warehouse of weapons

A 53-year-old foreign woman was arrested in Karlovasi (Samos Island) by local law enforcement officers. A criminal case has been filed against the woman for violating weapons laws.

During a search conducted in the house where the arrested woman lives (in the above-mentioned area), in the presence of a bailiff, the following were discovered and confiscated: 5 pistols, 8 revolvers, 4 army rifles, 1 air pistol, 1658 cartridges of various calibers, 4 cartridges, 2 bayonets and a saber .

During the investigation of the case, it turned out that the above-mentioned weapons and other found items were in the possession of the foreigner without the storage conditions provided for by law. As part of the investigation, coins of various types and denominations were also seized in order to verify the legality of their possession.

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