July 16, 2024

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A Russian Iskander missile destroyed an underground command post in Chasovoy Yar – a Polish general was killed

A Russian Iskander ballistic missile hit a major command post in Chasovy Yar, killing dozens of Ukrainian officers, including according to Russian sources, Polish general.

The Russians claim that the general was Adam Marczak, who, according to Polish media, died suddenly of “natural causes” while in Belgium “in the line of duty.” It is noteworthy that the news of Marczak’s death was published earlier in the day. Marczak probably died as a result of one of the major attacks in Odessa, Lviv or Kyiv.


The announcement of his death was made by the Polish General Staff and duplicated by the Polish media. Marczak occupied a high position in the hierarchy of the Polish army.

The fall of Chasov Yar could become a big problem for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since this city is the connecting link between other fortress cities, such as Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and Konstantinovka.

Recently, the Russians have stepped up their efforts to hunt down and kill NATO officers. Now they consider them a prime target. Russia has repeatedly published information about the death of foreign specialists, incl. CIA employees working in Ukraine. It is quite possible that the Polish general died during previous attacks on Kharkov or other targets, but until a certain time, information about his death was not disseminated.

Poland is currently the country that sends the most military personnel to Ukraine under the guise of volunteerism, and the possibility of losing high-ranking personnel, especially for command, control and supervision at the front, is not at all small.

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