July 22, 2024

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NATO states stood on the verge of armed conflict in 2021 (video)

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Guardian writes, Boris Johnson planned a military raid on the Netherlands using “military options” to solve the vaccine problem.

How tells BB.LV, NATO states were literally on the verge of an armed conflict, and the reason for this was vaccination. In March 2021, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination, the former head of the British government asked the country’s intelligence services to consider the forceful option of removing AstraZeneca vaccines purchased by London from a plant in the Netherlands, the export of which was blocked. EU.

The British newspaper Guardian reports this, citing diplomatic sources. According to the source, the EU actually confiscated 5 million vaccine doses intended for the UK. Boris Johnson was furious at the EU’s actions for putting British lives at risk for the sake of political intrigue and distracting attention from its own mistakes.

The former British Prime Minister instructed to consider all possible options for response. Among other things, the security services had to study the possibility of forcefully removing vaccines from the Netherlands and delivering them to the UK.

According to the publication’s second source, Johnson directly asked about “military options” for solving the vaccine problem. The former prime minister was only dissuaded from the idea after he was warned that forceful action would jeopardize the supply of an even larger batch of Pfizer vaccines to the UK.

According to the Guardian, Johnson’s representative declined to comment on this information.

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