February 25, 2024

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Confession of M. Pagoni: “Quarantine has weakened the immune system, and our body is easily attacked by any bacteria and viruses”

The President of the Greek Medical Association, Matina Pagoni, speaking in an interview with SKAI about the notorious “white lung syndrome” and trying to explain the increase in the number of cases of the disease in Chinese hospitals, admitted that quarantine has undermined the immune system of citizens!

In particular, she said: “In China, children were locked in apartments for months, they lost their natural immunity. We already said then that this would come at some point when they went out into the public, and they would start having problems. Now we see a situation where their immune system is attacked by the simplest bacteria”!

It is worth noting that during the two years of the coronavirus pandemic, when the Mitsotakis government locked the country’s residents in their homes, prohibiting them from going for a walk or even fishing, M. Pagoni and similar “experts” said exactly the opposite!

They were all proponents of a strict quarantine that led to a sharp decline in the economy, despite the fact that Greece ended up killing more people from Covid than (in proportion to the number of inhabitants) in all of Europe, second only to Finland, and had the most cases of the disease from 30 European countries.

And although towards the end of the pandemic Matina Pagoni expressed her own, different point of view on this matter, at first she supported the policy of prohibitions.

At some point, there must be an investigation into the pandemic, as well as forced mass vaccinations and the increase in sudden unexpected deaths in the general population. Well, at least cancel fines for refuseniks, following the example of Slovakia, which has already begun to return fines paid to citizens.

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