July 14, 2024

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Portions of alcohol were made by the waiters from what the previous visitors did not drink.

As part of an audit by the AADE tax office to identify businesses that evade taxes or sell counterfeit and contraband drinks in Corfu, it turned out that in several bars tourists were offered portions … from leftover drinks!

Yes, you read it right. The bartender and waiters collected what was left in the glasses of visitors, poured it into one container, and then “scooped” from it and served it to unsuspecting tourists as a “fresh portion” of alcohol (σφηνάκια).

After an organized operation that took place from Wednesday to Friday (30.31/08 and 1 September) and which involved tax and customs auditors from the Independent Public Revenue Authority, 28 bars were closed with the assistance of the Greek police and stamps were imposed.

The inspectors went through the southernmost point of the island – Kavos, an area known for wild parties, a rampage of drunken Englishmen and other tourists. The area is unofficially considered uninhabited, as a result of which no inspection has been carried out here for many years.

The inspection was coordinated by the AADE operational center, and its head, Giorgos Pitsilis, coordinated the operational activities with the Minister of Citizens’ Protection Giannis Ikonou and the Chief of Police. The auditors simultaneously audited several bars and restaurants in Kavos, including checking whether checks were being issued. Besides checked the quality of the products – whether the drinks served are clean, whether they are counterfeit or contraband.

Throughout the operation AADE staff were in direct contact with the inspectors and monitored the progress of the inspections, receiving videos and photos of the results in real time. During the inspection, the following was found:

  • 26 catering establishments failed to issue at least 40,578 receipts for a total of 267,418 euros.
  • 2 catering establishments did not send 1204 receipts for a total of 8252 euros.
  • 7 catering establishments served drinks that were not labeled with a batch number, i.e. they were contraband and/or “falsified” alcohol.

8 samples were taken, the contents of which have already been sent for examination. Specific businesses are closed for 48 hours and their management is subject to prescribed fines. Inspections are reportedly continuing in other tourist areas.

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