Where are Greek alcoholic drinks exported to?

European countries continue to consume the largest amount of Greek alcoholic beverages, with Germany remaining the leading export destination. Eurostat data, processed by the Greek Spirits Association, shows an overall increase in exports in the first half of 2022 of 6% in quantitative terms compared to last year. And compared to 2019 (that is, before […]

Japan believes that you need to drink more alcohol

In an effort to revive the alcohol consumption market, Japan decided to hold an innovative ideas competition. The authorities of the country expect to increase tax revenues by revitalizing the market for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and for this they called to participate in a competition of business ideas. The competition was sponsored by […]

How alcohol affects the body in the heat

Alcohol and heat is a dangerous cocktail that is best avoided. However, if you are determined, consider the risks you are taking and how you can mitigate the effects of drinking on your body. Alcohol is an insidious thing: on the one hand, a glass of beer is simply an indispensable remedy for overexertion after […]

COVID-19 immunity and alcohol

American scientists have announced a link between drinking and the risk of contracting COVID-19. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have found a link between immunity from COVID-19 and moderate consumption of hard alcohol. Participants in a scientific experiment who came into contact with carriers of coronavirus, but did not get sick, drank an average […]