July 16, 2024

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Melina case: half a million euros for the mental suffering of a family that lost a 4-year-old child

The Venizelio Hospital of Heraklion is obliged to pay almost half a million euros to the family of 4-year-old Melina Paraskaki, who died early in the morning on December 29, 2015 after an operation to remove nasal polyps.

The three-member Administrative Court of First Instance of Heraklion, in a decision delivered a few days ago in a high-profile case, ruled that errors and omissions on the part of the hospital authorities are causally linked to the death of 4-year-old Melina. In this connection, appropriate compensation is established for moral harm (mental suffering suffered by close relatives who have lost a child).

The verdict of the judges is the end of Golgotha, which has been dragging on for 7.5 years. The court carefully analyzed the multi-page case, which was built on evidence (including medical reports). On the other hand, the acquittal of the anesthetist, who served as the accused, was taken into account. According to cretalive, the court’s decision is as follows: “The death of the unfortunate child was caused by specific actions and inaction of doctors and medical staff.”

Recall that during the operation, a 4-year-old baby was given anesthesia, which, allegedly (not confirmed), caused an allergic reaction, as a result of which the child died.

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