July 18, 2024

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Thessaloniki Featured in National Geographic Traveler 2023

The Thessaloniki Tourism Organization has featured the northern Greek capital in the “Collection of European Cities 2023” in the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

The publication presents the most interesting places in the world for travelers, and Thessaloniki, a city with a thousand-year history and many museums, with excellent gastronomy and an “active” nightlife, has taken its rightful place in it, writes newsbeast.gr.

The second issue of the “Collection of European Cities” series is addressed to lovers of history and culture, as well as those who like to combine wellness and spa while traveling. The issue tells about urban tourism, cultural events, and the attractiveness of European cities. Editor-in-Chief Zane Henry says:

“This issue takes the reader on a series of urban adventures: swimming in geothermal pools or urban lakes, cycling through the streets of the best metropolitan areas, walking tours and picnics in the lap of nature, sightseeing of historical sites.”

“One of the best ways to get to know the city is to explore it on your own,” the tourism organization said in a release. The explanation states that the publication presents a profile of Thessaloniki, the second largest urban center in Greece, which has been recognized by UNESCO as the only Greek city to achieve inclusion in the Network of Creative Gastronomic Cities.

The release notes that, with circulation advantage in more than 20 countries, “National Geographic Traveler has a potential audience of high net worth individuals who buy premium brands and are interested in culture, food, adventure and luxury travel.” Readers can find the 2023 European Cities Collection online at the National Geographic Traveler website. The presence of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization in this publication is part of the strategic promotion of this destination in the UK.

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