Thessaloniki: anarchists have abandoned the police "Cocktails and Mototov"

In Thessaloniki, Molotov cocktails flew at the police during an anarchist protest. The demonstrators also set fire to garbage cans. The security forces responded with tear gas and batons. According to police, 30 people have been arrested. Anarchists protested against police action at the University of Thessaloniki. On January 13, the police detained 15 people […]

Thessaloniki: 57-year-old man arrested with 30 kilograms of hashish and a Kalashnikov assault rifle

More than 30 kg of hashish and a Kalashnikov assault rifle were found on a 57-year-old man who was arrested in the eastern region of Thessaloniki after an investigation by officers of the department for combating illegal drug trafficking. This is a Greek citizen who is characterized by law enforcement agencies as “the main participant […]

Suspect in the murder of killer Alexander Solonik arrested at Thessaloniki airport

Authorities handcuffed a 48-year-old Greek resident at Macedonia airport in the highly publicized murder case of Sasha the Macedonian and his girlfriend Svetlana Kotova in the late 1990s. Of this Russian hitman, on account of which dozens of murders, including the elimination of criminal “authorities”, a criminal who made three escapes from custody, is considered […]

Anti-Vaccination March in Thessaloniki

Protesters against compulsory vaccination took to the central streets of Thessaloniki today. Among the sounding slogans: “Victory will come from Thessaloniki” and “We are all Djokovici.” The action was attended by unvaccinated medical workers suspended from work. Vaccine protesters gathered at the White Tower before heading out onto the main streets and held a rally […]

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