Forecast for the European Union in the field of tourism – global changes are expected in the next 10 years

World tourism will change beyond recognition, according to the Oxford Economics Economic Trends Report for the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). According to the data presented in the report, the forecast for EU disappointing. It is assumed that in the next decade the main center of world tourism will shift to Asia, and China […]

Most "happy" tourist destinations

Considering nine important criteria for a quality vacation, Club Med experts have determined where it is best to go for “happiness”. However, everyone understands it in their own way … As tells The Sunamong the criteria that were taken into account – safety, crime rate, number of day trips, ecology, spas and even … the […]

A confident start: Hellas welcomes guests

The tourist season this year started in Greece confidently and successfully. Hellas rejoices in the increase in demand, and is doing everything possible to meet it. European airports and airlines that have reduced staff during the pandemic are making every effort to meet the situation with tourists. It should be honestly admitted that this does […]

Ankara’s rhetoric doesn’t stop Turkish tourists from enjoying Greek island holidays

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias noted the popularity of the Greek islands among Turkish citizens and announced the preparation of a winter religious cruise to Jerusalem. In an interview with Action 24 Press, Mr. Kikilias spoke about the measures being taken to stimulate religious tourism in Greece: “We agreed with His Holiness the Archbishop, His Beatitude […]