May 30, 2023

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The Pole who killed and poured concrete on the body of 7-year-old Andras, a serial rapist?

Attempts to link the case of the gruesome murder of 7-year-old Andreas, who was martyred at the hands of his mother’s Polish partner in Kipseli, with the Petralona case are being made by the lawyers of the now 18-year-old boy, who complains that both he and his sister were repeatedly raped in orgies, organized by their father.

Recall that the poet and writer Christos Kremniotis, who unraveled the tangle in the dark history of Petralona, ​​recently appeared before the prosecutor’s office and presented in the form of a memorandum all the evidence that, as he claims, connects both terrible cases. Their common figurant was a 33-year-old Polish construction worker who shocked the nation when he confessed to killing little Andreas and then placing his remains in a makeshift grave on top of an apartment building. The most shocking thing was that among the people named by the 18-year-old and his 22-year-old sister as rapists was the killer of a 7-year-old child, about whom no one knew anything until the moment of his arrest.

According to the Greek edition of Espresso, the lawyers of the two sisters from Petralona, ​​in an attempt to investigate two cases, applied to the Athenian juvenile prosecutor’s office with a request to interrogate in writing as the mother of 7-year-old Christina Claudia Manyataki, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the older sister of the unfortunate boy. This is because they hope that mother and daughter will be able to identify new individuals who may be involved in the sexual abuse of an 18-year-old and a 22-year-old in Petralona.

Mother of 7-year-old Christina Claudia Manyataki

According to Mr. Kremniotis, an allegation of sexual abuse against an 18-year-old had already been filed with the juvenile prosecutor’s office on 5/9/2017. However, a year passed before he was called to testify about what he knew. In 2018, an 18-year-old teenager admitted to child psychologists who examined him that he identified the individuals who committed the alleged actions against him. At the same time, in the same year, the poet and writer handed over to the police a list of the names of people whom the brothers indicated as their rapists, including the killer of 7-year-old Andreas, who ended his life in Corfu prison.


Murderers near the prosecutor’s office in Kipseli

The author also claims that the 18-year-old named the 33-year-old Pole twice more in the interrogation room, most recently in March 2021, when he reported some actions against him by the killer of the 7-year-old child. “About twenty people took part in the orgies, of which I identified about 15 people, there was penetration from the outside … (ed.: he also names the Pole Marius Thomas Pitukh),” the 18-year-old teenager allegedly said. The author also pointed out that the authorities did not identify the Pole even when his details became known.

“Unfortunately, while he was still alive, the competent authorities did not take the necessary steps to identify him (although his details were known) and invite him for examination,” he stressed in his report, concluding by pointing out the similarities between torture, to which 7-year-old Andreas was subjected, and the sexual abuse of two brothers: “From the evidence that has emerged, some of the torture that little Andreas was subjected to, for example, covering his mouth with duct tape, is a “method” that is fully consistent with what the 18-year-old teenager stated earlier.”

The details of this brutal murder shocked all of Greece. Bones killed in Kipseli seven-year-old Andreas were kept for five years in a toolbox found by the police on the balcony of the apartment where his mother, an immigrant from Poland, lived.

The life of a boy cannot be called happy. He constantly endured the bullying of his mother’s 33-year-old roommate, an alcoholic and drug addict, until one day it all ended in tragedy. Later, the man admitted during interrogation that on that fateful day he once again punished the little son of his cohabitant, depriving him of food and forcing him to stand in one place for several hours. In response to the boy’s protests, he wrapped the nose and mouth of the child with electrical tape, as a result of which he died as a martyr from suffocation.


The pit on the roof where little Andreas was buried.

A toolbox containing the horrific contents, the remains of a child, was discovered in an old wooden sofa on the balcony. The boy’s body was hidden in Kipseli for five years – first in a concrete pit, and then in a toolbox of a Polish killer. With the full consent and assistance of the mother of the child.

The mother of the deceased child was arrested, but her behavior caused shock. Denying all the accusations, the woman did not cooperate with the investigation, did not apologize, and even outwardly remained absolutely impassive.

As it turned out, the woman (it’s hard to call her mother!) had another child – a girl who now lives in a foster family. Like her dead brother, she often suffered from the attacks and abusive behavior of her drug addict stepfather. Little Joanna, in the presence of a child psychologist, told the police about the terrible years of her early childhood. The revelations of a child cannot be listened to calmly. What two small children went through – Joanna and her murdered brother – simply does not fit in the mind.

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