February 8, 2023

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Attention: false tenants robbed the owners. "Catch" more than 1 million euros

Law enforcement agencies of Greece managed to identify and liquidate a criminal organization whose members operated on the territory of Attica.

The West Attica Police Department has begun arresting criminals who, since February 2022, have committed at least 72 thefts worth more than … 1,000,000 euros! The arrest and arrest took place on 01/13/2023 during a large-scale police operation that took place in various areas Attica. 16 people were arrested for harboring malefactors, their accomplices, as well as the members of the criminal organization themselves.

According to the statement of the head ΕΛΑΣ Attica, the arrests were made when members of the organization were preparing to conduct another “operation” in the Pefka area. During the robbery, a member of the gang, in order to avoid arrest, tried to hit a police officer with his car. The officer fell to the ground and broke his arm.

A criminal case has been initiated against the arrested members of the criminal organization, as well as 6 more people whose details have been established. Most of them are charged with related crimes. At the same time, some have already been convicted in similar cases in the past.

Organization members first found on the Internet ads for the sale or rental of real estate or other objects. Basically, they focused on the elderly, while on the appointed day of the meeting, the attackers tried to ensure that their alleged victim was at home alone. Then they appeared as a couple and, combined with the professional status they represented, took care to gain the trust of the seller or tenant by discussing social issues. Then, under various pretexts, they usually isolated the victim on the balcony of the house so that their accomplices, who were waiting outside, could enter there unnoticed.

It is worth noting that the criminals used mobile phones registered in the names of non-existent foreigners (nominees), which they regularly changed, while often speaking their native language (being foreigners, although the nationality was not reported).

During searches carried out in 14 houses in Ano Liosia, Keratsini, Piraeus and Kallitheadiscovered and confiscated:

  • 7 cars,
  • 13 nylon bags containing 17.3 grams of cannabis
  • 24 mobile phones and SIM cards
  • bank cards
  • clothes used in the thefts
  • cash in the amount of EUR 28,565.5
  • gold jewelry and watches, bracelets, 16 gold coins.

The detainees have been taken to the competent prosecutor’s office, and the investigation into their involvement in additional cases is ongoing.

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