February 5, 2023

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Shock: the visitor helped to commit suicide

The shocking details of the last moments of the life of a 50-year-old man in Moschato, an accountant by profession, became known to the media. In addition, as reported, it became known that a 47-year-old woman was involved in the death of a man.

The man (N.K.) was found hanged that night in his own apartment in Moschato. The investigation revealed the ambiguous nature of the act, and presumably, it was a crime (suicide in question). A woman (E.S.) was detained in connection with the death of an accountant. The video captures the moment the lady enters the house. That is, even if the accountant committed suicide, he was not alone in the apartment.

The woman, who was found at the scene of the tragedy, in an apartment in Moschato, was arrested by the Greek police and is under interrogation. The lady was charged, and then she made a confession: “I pushed his chair” (on which he stood with a noose around his neck).

According to information from police sources, the woman claimed that she came to the accountant’s house to discuss some financial disputes (allegedly he owed her the amount of 200,000 euros). She also told the police that a fight broke out between them, during which she tried to strangle him. Later, the detainee began to say that the man himself put a belt around his neck and hung himself, while she pushed the chair, on which he himself climbed.

The Piraeus Police Department is conducting a preliminary investigation into the case. The man was reportedly the father of two children.

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