July 16, 2024

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An inadequate man forcibly kept a 23-year-old girl in an apartment

In Exarchia, a 33-year-old man was detained, who “locked” a 23-year-old compatriot in an apartment, whom he forced to engage in prostitution against her will. He was looking for clients through a dating agency.

According to police sources cited by ERT, the bastard was allegedly the one who accompanied her to all her meetings with clients, who were at least four a day. The girl was taken to apartments or hotels. The service cost 150 euros.

The distribution of the amount was as follows: 50 euros were received by the dating office (for the supply to the pimp of the client), 20 euros for a man and 80 for a girl. According to the victim, the man still took all the money from her, as a result of which he himself earned 100 euros from each client, only unfastening the “office” for 50 euros.

The man allegedly addressed her, introducing himself as the owner of a nightclub. He told the girl that she could work there selling flowers. The girl agreed, after which he took her to an apartment in Exarchia under the pretext of hospitality. However, he kept her there against his will, completely controlling her movements and “tried to break her”, to achieve obedience.

The man has been charged with human trafficking. The captivity lasted from May to August 2020. An investigation at his home found and confiscated an amount of 6,890 euros, the car in which he took the victim of sexual exploitation on dates, and a small amount of marijuana.

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