Serenade for Hitler’s birthday

“German soldiers stationed in Lithuania threw a neo-Nazi party, during which a colleague was raped. Spiegel… A platoon of the 92nd Training Tank Grenadier Battalion from the NATO mission staged a “recovery event.” On April 30, the unit checked into one of the hotels in Rukla. It turned out that during the party, the soldiers […]

Exhumation of a 58-year-old guest "hellish" his relatives are demanding to spend the nursing home

The investigation of the remains of the buried man and confirmation (or refutation) of the established causes of death was requested by the relatives of the 58-year-old resident of the nursing home in Chania, where he died. Information about nursing home in Chania, Crete reminiscent of Hitchhock’s horror films: hunger, filth, violence, extortion. As it […]

Greek ultras and wild violence episodes

Authorities have drawn attention to the actions of fan club members following the March 9 violence episodes in Nea Smyrni in which they took an active part. 3000 soccer fans Attica take part in clashes and attacks on the police. This data appears in the reports of the Sub-Directorate for Combating Violence at Sports Venues […]

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