February 8, 2023

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Kos: two incidents with the pursuit and arrest of carriers of illegal immigrants (video)

On the night of Tuesday 03/01, the coast guard patrolling the sea area noticed a speedboat with migrants sailing from the island of Kos.

The ship, which was moving at high speed without navigational lights, landed 20(!) migrants in the area of ​​Terma south of Kos. After disembarking, the boat developed a high speed towards the Turkish coast, and the patrol boat Λ.Σ.-ΕΛ.ΑΚΤ. (Greek Coast Guard) used light and sound signals to stop it, but the result was negative.

A pursuit began, during which the pilot of the vessel repeatedly tried to ram the patrol vessel Λ.Σ.-ΕΛ.ΑΚΤ., and the crew of which fired warning shots in a safe area. But the smugglers’ boat did not stop, after which aimed shots were fired at the outboard engines at the offending vessel. As a result, the boat was immobilized, and two foreigners, presumably smugglers involved in the transport of illegal immigrants, were arrested.

In addition, on January 3, in the evening hours, a Greek Coast Guard patrol boat noticed another boat moving at high speed without navigation lights in the direction of the coastal zone “ΠΡΟΦΗΤΗ ΖΑΧΑΡΙΑ” (Prophet Zechariah) on the island of Kos, where it landed about 20 foreigners.

After disembarking, the boat moved at high speed towards the nearby Turkish coast, and a Greek Coast Guard patrol boat chased the intruder, using lights and sounds to stop him, but also to no avail. A chase ensued, during which the pilot of the speedboat repeatedly attempted to ram the Greek Coast Guard boat.

After that, the Greek border guards fired warning shots, but the intruder still tried to escape. The border guards, realizing that the intruder was leaving, fired accurate aimed shots at the outboard engines, as a result of which the ship was immobilized. When approaching, two passengers jumped overboard, but were discovered by the officers of Λ.Σ.-ΕΛ.ΑΚΤ. and arrested on charges of smuggling illegal immigrants.

In addition, the Security Bureau found and arrested six of the disembarked foreigners on land, and then found thirty-seven more on the local bus.

The Port Authority of Kos is conducting a preliminary investigation and two speedboats have been confiscated.

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