February 3, 2023

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Crazy stories on New Year’s Eve: why spouses quarrel

A quarrel between spouses on New Year’s Eve is not the best situation, although it often happens. It is important to understand why it happened and resolve the conflict as soon as possible so that New Year’s Eve becomes a truly bright holiday and the beginning of a new stage in life.

Family gala dinner in some homes and the beginning of the New Year are sometimes overshadowed by scandals and quarrels. And what! Sometimes the help of doctors, police or rescuers is required, says edition “Dni.ru”.

Oleg Belov, an ambulance officer near Moscow, says that on the night of January 1, cases of domestic violence become more frequent. As a rule, the spouses who are on the verge of divorce are engaged in assault. Once, as the doctor recalls, the wife hit her husband with a bottle, because of which he lost consciousness. In front of the employees of the ambulance who arrived at the scene, the woman cried and apologized, but managed to threaten her husband: “Don’t piss me off again.”

Mikhail Pashkin, head of the Trade Union of Police Officers, told a similar story, but with a different, much more tragic ending. During the feast, in front of his own children, the husband began to beat his wife. The neighbors called the police. But when she arrived, the woman stood up for her husband and promised that he “won’t be anymore.” Very soon, law enforcement officers had to return to this house – to pick up the corpse.

Pashkin explained that a married person often blames his “soulmate” for all misfortunes: unloved work, lack of a life goal, etc. Blaming another for his troubles, he begins to take out evil on him. Alcohol enhances emotions, a person loses sanity and loses control over himself.

Family psychologist Svetlana Boyarinova draws attention: people who have taken a certain amount of alcohol do not become different. It’s just that everything that was inside comes out – under the influence of “degrees” the brakes fail and prohibitions are lifted. And conflicts occur, as a rule, because of the predisposition of spouses to violence. The psychologist says: you should not expect changes from the New Year, there is nothing magical about this holiday – just a change of dates. And, without making your own efforts, you do not need to hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

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