February 5, 2023

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Believe or not believe? "There will be no peace in 2023"

A professional in working with generic programs and strategies, the author of unique and effective methods, a consultant to large business owners, Ksenia Gubina, made a forecast for 2023, warning of the “coming serious meat grinder.”

Forecaster No. 1 in Russia, who predicted the beginning of the NWO in December 2021, in exclusive interview “Dni.ru” spoke about the upcoming events in the new year. Gubina says:

“2023 is the year of laying the foundation for the next ten years. What we lay, we will get in the future. Many are waiting for the situation in the world to become calmer. And here the forecasts are disappointing – the situation will will be resolved only in 2025. Now the support of the Earth has shifted by 5-6 degrees, so the movement of seismic plates has begun, and, as a result, fires, droughts, floods, which will continue until 2030. We see strong changes in the energy field of the Earth ” .

The specialist warns that time has accelerated its run, and in 2023 many people will have a reassessment of values, the perception of the world will change. It is extremely important in such a situation to rely on generic practices, on the family. Ksenia Gubina also gave a political forecast:

“In 2023, we will see not only a change in the borders of countries, the fragmentation of large states, but also a change of currencies. The currencies familiar to the world will lose their influence and begin to leave the calculations of many countries. But electronic ones will be introduced more actively, cryptocurrencies will develop. Their peak they will be reached by 2030. The dollar and oil will become much less liquid. And America will rapidly lose its influence on the world. In February 2023, very serious political decisions will be made that will change a lot in the social and economic spheres of our country (RF, note . ed.)”.

According to the forecaster, the most difficult period will be from November 2023 to January 2024 – at this time, “unprecedented shocks” await the planet. The answer to the question about the onset of peace turned out to be disappointing: “There will be no peace in 2023.” She also added about nuclear war:

“Russia will definitely not use nuclear weapons, but other countries – as a deterrent act – are very likely. Most likely, these will be “dirty bombs.”

In addition, Gubina predicted the emergence of a new type of weapon in 2024-2025:

“Most likely biological. In this regard, we are waiting for new pandemics and lockdowns. Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones will also be improved, which will become the main means in wars – we are waiting for a war of technology, not people.”

At the end of her interview, Russian forecaster #1 warned:

“In the coming years, we are in for a rather serious meat grinder. Many people will lose their jobs, so it is worth thinking about changing the type of activity right now – professions from the energy and bioenergy sectors will be valued. And traditional professions will rapidly go online.”

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