February 3, 2023

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Benefit in the amount of 400 euros: how and who can receive

Workers are now accepting applications for the new training program, which provides a 400 euros allowance to those who qualify and choose to participate.

Total 150,000 employees will have the opportunity to improve their skills. Expected that DYPA (Hellenic Labor Exchange), in collaboration with training and continuing education centers of universities, international technology giants and licensed continuing education centres, will offer workers a long list of tailor-made training programs focused on digital and green skills, from which they can choose depending on their educational and professional profile.

Programs will range from basic digital office tools, social media marketing and e-shop management to more highly specialized subjects such as data analytics, artificial intelligence applications, logistics and digitalization in the agricultural sector. The program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was called “Πάω Μπροστά “(I’m going forward).

Interested private sector workers can apply for the program through the website voucher.gov.grby clicking on the link “Registration in the register of employees-beneficiaries for training”(“Εγγραφή στο Μητρώο Ωφελουμένων Εργαζομένων για κατάρτιση“). After the completion of the first stage of the formation of the register of beneficiaries, employees will be able to choose the training program they want to take from the list of proposed ones posted on the aforementioned website.

The selection of beneficiaries will be done on a first-come, first-served basis until the number of places offered is exhausted. Each beneficiary will take a course of theoretical training of general duration 80 hours (full-time and distance learning).

Upon completion of the program and successful certification of knowledge, the student will receive a tuition allowance in the amount of 5 euros per hour of training. If the trainee completes the 80 hour program and passes the certification exam, he/she receives tuition allowance of 400 euros.

PS Whether it is possible to get a real profession or qualification sufficient to work in technological giants is a moot point. However, for work as an “office plankton” this qualification is quite enough.

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