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Market Pass: how to get the most money, and what you need for this

Beneficiaries of food cards (Market Pass) should be careful when applying for benefits after the opening of the platform in order to receive the maximum amount possible. How to do this, we will tell in this material.

Food cards will be issued every first week of the month or quarterly

From the end of February 2023, the first payments will be made, which will be completed in 6 months, i.e. in July 2023. Digital card payments will be made the first week of every month. In the event that the beneficiary decides to make a deposit to a bank account, the amounts are paid quarterly, i.e. the amount will be “broken down” into two payments and the amount of assistance will be 80% of the above amounts.

What recipients should pay attention to is their mobile phone (smartphone). In particular, in order to receive the maximum amount, they must have a mobile phone compatible with the system. NFC. Otherwise, if they do not have such a mobile phone, they will have to provide their bank account number, but they will receive an amount of 80% of the possible amount.

Therefore, before applying, it is recommended to check if you can use intangible digital card in POS. If you have no alternatives, then you should be careful not to choose a digital card to avoid delays and payment errors.

In details:

Deciphering the abbreviation NFC is translated into Russian as “near contactless communication.” From the name, one can immediately conclude that one of the main features of NFC is that data is transmitted at a very close distance, up to 10 cm. Of course, nothing prevents the exchange of information at a distance of several centimeters via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but here it is worth understanding the details .

How to check if you have NFC on Android

There are three proven ways to find out if your phone supports wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile networks, and NFC. And where to start depends on the amount of free time and the desired result. If you need accuracy, the official site is suitable. With speed, there will be no problems with the “Settings” section, but diagnostics are already being carried out through third-party software.

It should be noted that the system NFC is present on most new mid-range and high-end phones from 2021, and only on some higher-end models from earlier release years. This system is definitely not available on push-button phones.

Specifications on the official website

Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei – in the specifications for the manufactured models of mobile equipment, manufacturers list in detail the supported technologies. In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the presence of the NFC function is also indicated, which is necessary for contactless payment and interaction with NFC tags.

There are exceptions – sometimes non-standard characteristics are described not on official sites, but in online stores. But the meaning is the same – search through the catalog and the web page through the browser will help you find statistics.

Search for a thematic section in “Settings”

To find out if there is NFC in your Android phone or tablet, the standard system settings will help. The necessary information is hidden in different menus – depending on the current OS version, the selected firmware, and even the loaded launcher. But more often than not, the Connected Devices sub-item helps to explore the specifications, which lists both wireless functions, like Bluetooth, and a number of technologies related to NFC (including the Android Beam parameter, which focuses on sharing content through the corresponding module).


Go to mobile settings and in the search, click “NFC”. If your device has this technology, it will automatically offer you this option. You can then navigate to the option that prompts you and see if it’s enabled.


An alternative course of action is to call a curtain with a quick access panel, where they hide: shortcuts for turning on access points, operating modes and wireless technologies. If the “NFC module” button also appeared in the list, then there is no need to additionally check for availability.

NFC on iPhone and iPad

If with mobile equipment on Android, due to the abundance of manufacturers and models of smartphones and tablets, you have to experiment with finding settings and downloading additional software, then with Apple products, the situation is much more transparent. The official website immediately indicates those iPhone and iPad models where there are no problems either with contactless payments at terminals in stores, or with reading and writing information on chips and tags.

Additionally, the list will help you check NFC:

  • iPhone. Models with Face ID and Touch ID starting from model 6 (and excluding 5S).
  • iPad. NFC support appeared in the Pro, Air and Mini lines equipped with Touch ID and Face ID technologies.

Attention: nStarting with iPhone 6, use the NFC sensor but do not read tags. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can do both, but you need to download the app. Starting with iPhone 8, you don’t need any apps, everything works automatically.


You can also check whether NFC is enabled in the settings.


Every NFC-enabled smartphone has additional security systems. Any application for working with technology changes the real card number to the account number of the mobile device (Device Account Number). The seller of the goods has access only to this number, instead of the real data of the bank card. Such information is also useless for intruders.

Can the system be hacked?

Attempts to hack the NFC system have been repeatedly made throughout the existence of the technology. Cases of attempts to discredit transport plastic cards in Russia and other countries have been recorded. However, no confirmed attempts to hack the system have been recorded so far. The protection of the terminal is much stronger: for making payments, each of them is registered, an agreement is concluded with the bank indicating the seller’s passport data and information about the trade enterprise. All transactions are easily tracked and, if necessary, can be canceled.

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