February 2, 2023

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Thessaloniki: police officer who shot 16-year-old Roma released on probation

The 34-year-old police officer of the ΔΙΑΣ emergency response group was released on the condition of not leaving the country after submitting an additional application to the investigator.

The law enforcement officer is accused of shooting the driver, who turned out to be 16-year-old gypsy Kostas Fragulis, while chasing a thief. After being in the intensive care unit of the Hippocrates General Hospital for 8 days guy passed away.

Recall that the prosecutor opened an additional criminal case against the policeman on the fact of manslaughter with possible intent. As a result, it was decided to release the accused with restrictive conditions (a ban on leaving the country).

When giving evidence, the policeman repeated what he had said for the first time (during the first court session, which took place when the gypsy was still alive) and answered additional questions. In particular, he was asked if he knew that a minor Roma was driving the car, he categorically stated that “of course not.” The second question was how the bullet hit the Roma in the head.

“The prosecutor and the investigator were obliged to apply the same measure. The verdict could not be changed,” Alexis Kugias, the policeman’s lawyer, said in his statements. According to him, the investigator is already interacting with a special laboratory, which carefully examines the materials received from the surveillance cameras installed at the gas station. In addition, a ballistic examination will be carried out.

For his part, Theodoros Tsairidis, President of the Police Union of Thessaloniki, stressed that “everyone must respect the decision of the authorities.” He also added that police officers should be equipped with mini-cameras (to capture in real time how events unfold at every moment, which would later be described as “controversial”).

At the same time, it was noted that “the logistical equipment should be strengthened so that the police officers have all the measures to combat any criminal act.”

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