February 29, 2024

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Jewelry safe removed from jewelry store

There was a robbery of a jewelry store in Argos. The criminals managed to steal a safe with valuables for a large amount.

Police have taken fingerprints from the store, are examining camera footage and are investigating to find the robbers and stolen gold jewelry.

The robbery of a jewelry store located in the center of Argos took place early Wednesday morning. According to available information, around 4.30 am there was a break-in. According to argolika.gr, having entered the trading floor, the robbers took a heavy safe, took it to a car parked in front of the store and disappeared.

The intruders were seen by several people who had been setting up tents for trading at the People’s Market since the night. Citizens reported that they saw four people, and everything happened within a very short period of time, a maximum of three to four minutes.

The police are investigating.

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