February 8, 2023

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"Fraud of the Year": swindlers stole 500,000 euros "one click"

The company in Volos became a “victim” of a major fraud. As a result of the “done business” malefactors hackers stole the amount of 500,000 euros.

Currently, the company’s managers initiated a criminal case against unknown persons on the fact of fraud, which was sent to the Volos prosecutor’s office and a preliminary investigation was requested.

According to magnesianews.gr, the company is actively involved in the export of products. The company’s standard policy is to first electronically send the invoice and IBAN for depositing money, and then make the payment. The scam happened in 2021. Then the company sent a large order abroad, but there was a delay in crediting the money. Then the company’s managers contacted the customer. Much to their surprise, they were informed that the amount of EUR 500,000 had been transferred to the IBAN they received via an email sent by the company. The problem was that the company did not send any letters or messages! As it turned out, a skilled hacker and fraudster himself intervened in the process, as a result of which he “pocketed” a huge amount.

The preliminary investigation that will be carried out is aimed at identifying the owner of the email address that misled the company, as well as the account into which the money got.

In Magnesia, there is… a tradition of swindling with massive losses. In the summer of 2019, a criminal organization seized 523,000 euros from a food company, and the following summer, 600,000 euros were stolen from a company in Volos, allegedly for buying and selling scrap metal.

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