Zombie cars flooded the streets of Athens

The ability to complete the process of electronically locking a vehicle while retaining license plates has resulted in a huge fleet of zombie cars taking up parking spaces in vain.

The absence of the necessary control mechanism is used by thousands of vehicle owners who, although they have completed the immobilization process electronically, nevertheless keep their car on the road by illegally occupying parking spaces.

As you know, in case someone wants take the vehicle out of circulationor if you prefer it to be stationary (not in use), in order to avoid onerous road taxes and be exempt from liability insurance and periodic technical inspection, you can use the digital services of the MyCar platform and complete the procedure without visiting a competent ΔΟΥ and without keeping license plates and license plates with you.

Of course, a stationary vehicle cannot move on the road, and its owner must park it on private territory – own, rented or provided, which is declared upon completion of the procedure. In the absence of the necessary control mechanisms, of course, many owners prefer to park their cars on the street, not caring that this solution will not exacerbate the parking problem in the country’s megacities.

In fact, the fact that a vehicle in a digital parking lot can now have license plates greatly reduces the likelihood that it will be characterized by municipal authorities as abandoned and confiscated after the set interval has elapsed to make room for parking.

Somehow, we have reached the point where the “living dead” on the streets of Athens and other urban centers of the country are multiplying. It is worth noting that the fine provided for a vehicle that is not in working order but with license plates is 10,000 euros, and in case of a repeated violation – 30,000 euros.

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