Victims of the war in Ukraine – new UN data

During the six months of hostilities in Ukraine, 5,587 civilians became their victims. Another 7,890 people were injured. This is the latest information from the United Nations.

The updated published data, they emphasize in the organization, may not reflect the real picture – information from the combat zone comes late and not from everywhere.

According to the UN, more than 50% of the victims are residents of Donbass, from the territory controlled by Kyiv. More than 90% were killed or injured as a result of rocket and artillery attacks.

During the six months of the war, about 10 million people left their homes, more than 25% of the country’s total population. The International Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations are anxious about the winter cold. Experts suggest that the flow of Ukrainian refugees will increase. ICRC Regional Director Birgit Bischof Ebbesen says:

“Humanitarian needs are huge, and they are related to both food and fuel, as well as access to a roof over your head, so to speak, for people who are on the move. And this applies both to the territory of Ukraine and neighboring countries So this is an extremely difficult crisis for us, and the measures we have to take are very ambitious in an environment that continues to change all the time.”

Despite the protracted war, approximately 4.5 million refugees decided to return home. Some have not been able to adapt to European realities as refugees, others fear for their homes and property left in them. And yet, the cold and lack of housing will force many to leave their native country again.

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