Opponents of Exachia metro ‘not even Greeks’, says Athens mayor

Many of those who oppose the construction of a metro station in Exarchia and the reconstruction of the nearby Strefi hill “are not even Greeks,” Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis said. His statement sparked outrage on social media.

Speaking to Skai TV, Bakoyannis said the majority of permanent residents really want a metro station in Exarchia and a reconstruction program on nearby Stefi Hill, adding that this minority “has found an excuse to fight an ideological battle.”

“The point is for people to see how something is changing in their neighborhoods,” he said, denouncing the position of the protesters who tried to prevent construction crews from starting work this month at the station, which will be located on the main square of the area.

“They see it as a political fetish. But this is not the case. The metro is for everyone, there are no left and right cars, there are no left and right trains,” Bakoyannis added.

“I find it hard to imagine how anyone can invest, even politically, in the failure of a city. But they feed on it; it is the logic of absolute nihilism,” he said.

Bakoyannis said that there are “not many opponents, several dozen people are protesting around. Many of them are not even Greeks…” as hehow say, characteristically said.

He did not bother to provide evidence for his claims.

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