4.8 magnitude earthquake in Crete

Early this morning, tremors of magnitude 4.8 on the Richter scale were felt in Crete. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the sea near Lassithi, 74 km southeast of Guduras. The depth of the focus, according to the Geodynamic Institute of Athens, is estimated at 10.7 km. Our publication recalls that the information […]

Subway will appear on Kifisias Avenue

The second section of Line 4 of the Athens Metro will cover Kifisias Avenue and serve tens of thousands of citizens who are currently experiencing difficulties (long transport delays) while commuting. After the handover of three stations of metro line 3 in Piraeus, the focus is on new major projects of the Athens underground railway […]

Strong earthquake in Patras

On the night of October 9, Patras was shaken by tremors measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale. The seismic vibration at 01:02 was especially felt by the inhabitants of Achaia and Corinthia. Its strength, according to the revised decision of the Geodynamic Institute of the Athens National Observatory, was five points on the Richter scale. […]

Earthquake in Crete

At 6:30 am this morning, an aftershock of magnitude 4.2 on the Richter scale woke the inhabitants of Crete. The epicenter of the earthquake, according to the Geodynamic Institute, was located 15 km east/southeast of Zakros, in the prefecture of Lassithi. It was superficial, the depth of the focus was only 10 km. Earthquake data […]

Earthquake in Larissa

Residents of Tirnavos (Larisa) were disturbed this morning by an earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale. The earthquake occurred at 9:30 am, its epicenter was recorded six kilometers southwest of Tirnavos. According to the data of the Geodynamic Institute, the depth of the focus was 5 km, so it was felt in several areas […]

Tensions in Exarchia: residents against the construction of the subway

Tensions between residents of the Exarchia metropolitan area and police on Tuesday morning. Today the construction of the subway began, people are against it. Law enforcement officers control the progress of construction work in a tense atmosphere. Several residents gathered in the square actively oppose, reports CNN Greece: As a result of the clashes, according […]