Tourism for all: new vouchers for 200,000 beneficiaries

Vouchers for an additional 200,000 new beneficiaries will be issued through the “e-lottery” draw under the Tourism for All program after September 16, Deputy Minister of Tourism Sophia Zaharaki said.

She stated: “1,200,000 of our fellow citizens applied to the platform. We will add 200,000 beneficiaries to the 200,000 already identified a week ago. This will be all those who applied online and did not receive a voucher. The draw will be held from 16 September.

By decision of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis the Tourism for All program has been strengthened with an additional 30 million euros. The total budget is 61 million euros (instead of the 31 million euros originally allocated) and the total number of beneficiaries this year will be 400,000.

New digital vouchers with an additional 200,000 copies to be issuedit will be possible to use mid-September to June 2023. They concern our fellow citizens who have already submitted an application on the electronic platform, which closed at midnight on Thursday, June 21st.

Recall that the new modernized program “Tourism for All” provides for an increased individual subsidy of up to 150 euros for accommodation in tourist real estate. Payment is made electronically, upon presentation of the voucher. An increased holiday subsidy of €200 is available to Greek residents with a disability.

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