May 30, 2023

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Georgiadis: construction of a 192-meter skyscraper in Elliniko, Fuel Pass 2 and inflation

The first permit for the construction of a skyscraper to be built in Elliniko was issued in Greece, as announced by the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis.

Speaking this morning on the SKAI channel, he said that in a few “the first stone” will be laid in the foundation of an unprecedented tower, 192 meters high.

Commenting on the fuel situation, the development minister said that things are better than they were two months ago. “Knock on wood, because everything depends on the international situation in this area. We are very vulnerable, but now the price is much better than a few weeks ago,” Mr. Georgiadis said.

Regarding the program fuel pass 2he noted that most of the funds go to non-fuel expenses, as 70% of beneficiaries preferred to receive 15 euros less money in their bank account than use an e-wallet to spend it where they want.

Regarding inflation, the minister said that “the monthly decline (holding prices) was the largest in EU and what’s in To some extent, the effects of inflation have been neutralized by a series of government measures to reduce taxes and social security contributions, as well as various benefits”.

In addition, about fuel fraud (dilution, mismatch), it was said that the inspectors closed two gas stations. However, Mr. Georgiadis explained that it is very difficult to control this. Fuel counterfeiting is carried out in a complex technical way, and the degree of its detection is only 50% of the seized samples for analysis.

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