Smart home voucher

A program to subsidize (by issuing a voucher) the installation of smart electricity meters and connection to fiber optic networks, followed by a certificate, has been approved by the Ministry of Digital Governance, according to an amendment submitted to Parliament. The Smart Readiness project (“Ετοιμότητα Υποδομών για Εξυπνα Κτίρια”) with a budget of 100 million […]

Social tourism 2022: more than half a million applications received

Received 532,000 applications for more than 966,000 vouchers under the subsidized program of social tourism from ΔΥΠΑ (formerly ΟΑΕΔ), literally “heated” the electronic platform. According to the head of ΔΥΠΑ, Spyros Protopsaltis, who spoke on the ERT channel, this year has seen a record number of applications. In the next 7-10 days, tables with preliminary […]