Greek Driving Habits That Can Be Fatal

The Greek tradition of universal summer “relaxation” does not mean at all that we should behave in the same way while driving a car.

The heat, which is recorded in Greece every year for a rather long period of time (compared to the northern countries of Europe), makes its inhabitants not be so attentive to the rules of behavior on the roads. And unfortunately, some habits that are more or less common for the Greeks (in a car or driving a motorcycle) can lead to unpleasant and even tragic consequences.

Driving without a shirt

If you have a habit of riding without a shirt because of the heat, you should forget about it, as it involves serious risks. And all because in the event of an accident, even at low speed, the driver will be injured, since friction at the point of contact of the seat belt with the skin will cause a burn.

Driving in flip flops

Summer shoes, sandals and flip flops are must-have accessories for the summer season. However, they are off limits when it comes to driving. Experts say that a slipping foot can make it impossible to adequately control the accelerator and brake pedals and lead to an accident. Do not forget also that it is for this that you can be fined 100 euros.

Feet on the dashboard

However, the dangers associated with driving in flip-flops and without a shirt are negligible compared to the habit, especially common in our country, of putting your feet on the dashboard.

In the event of a frontal collision, the airbag will deploy with tremendous force, exceeding 300 km/h. Thus, a passenger sitting in the front seat, as described above, can suffer multiple leg fractures, as well as severe injuries to the pelvis and spine. It is in such accidents that a lot of deaths occur.

Cigarette in the car

Smoking, in addition to being a particularly bad habit, can be a cause of a traffic accident, given that it, on the one hand, takes attention away from the road, on the other, ensures that at least for a moment you take one hand off the steering wheel.

At the same time, throwing a cigarette butt out a window can cause a fire and is therefore strictly prohibited. The fine for this offense is 200 euros, while the Fire Safety Ordinance provides for an increase in the fine depending on the category of risk (the place where the “cigarette butt” was thrown and the risk of fire).

Dangling your hand through an open window

No less dangerous is the driver’s habit of holding the steering wheel exclusively with his right hand, when the elbow of his left hand rests on the open window. It seems to be a harmless habit, but in reality everything is different, since driving with one hand drastically reduces the possibilities. And in an emergency situation (for example, violation of the STOP sign by another vehicle) does not allow you to make the necessary steering movements to prevent an accident.

We also do not forget that when the hand “hangs” outside the window, it is fully exposed to many dangers on the road network, and especially when motorcycles “tightly” rush at high speed, completely cutting off the mirrors. What if your hand crosses his path?

bottle of water

Be sure to have a bottle of water in the car, as long as it is in a safe place. Otherwise, an innocent bottle can be fatal. This is due to the fact that when we are forced to brake hard and hard, objects that “dangle” inside the car multiply their weight and turn into dangerous ones that can injure both the driver and passengers. Also be aware that if the bottle falls to the floor and reaches the pedal area, it may seize the clutch, accelerator or brake, making it difficult to drive.

Removing the seat belt

The colliding vehicle stops abruptly while passengers not wearing seat belts continue to move inside the vehicle at the same speed, crashing into the dashboard or windshield. As soon as we get into the vehicle, we must fasten the seat belt. This simple movement must be done mechanically, because the belt can save our lives.

Helmet while riding a motorcycle

“Helmets save lives.” As trite as this particular phrase sounds, no one can dispute the fact that a helmet can be a motorcyclist’s guardian angel. However, many riders continue to ride without this lifesaving gear, especially during the hot summer months.

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