INKA: “The price clause is not removed – it just changes the name and is integrated into the electricity bill”

The citizens of Greece are in for a continuation of the “electrical tragedy”, said Consumers Institute (INKA) lawyer Alexis Alexopoulos, as the infamous electricity price hike clause that has brought households and businesses to their knees won’t be lifted from Aug. 1 after all – it just changes its name.

Instead of removing it, the authorities are moving it from accounts to floating invoices, which will change spending on a monthly basis. In particular, Alexis Alexopoulos said on ERT:

“The fee will be introduced in the usual way … this will give the right to suppliers change prices as you wish and to place it under Article 2 of the amendment under the rationale for electricity charges. So we’re just changing the name. These will be the same numbers. We called the meat fish, but in fact leaving everything in its place. The consumer will not be able to know or control what fees will be charged. This amendment violates European law and the right EUbecause it says that the supplier not even required to notify the consumer of any increases they make. The sole obligation of the supplier, in accordance with the amendment, will be to post information on the amount of the fee on its website.

In other words, the citizen will not only still be charged with a predatory clause increase, but he will not even be able to be informed about how the amounts that suppliers charge him arise.

Even the discounted excess profits of energy suppliers, calculated in extremely dubious ways., is not taxed by the government and absolutely nothing is returned to consumers. Citizens are not provided with any significant relief measure, because the sanitation clause simply fades into the shadows and continues to exist “in the basement”.

Thus, any (few) losses of electricity suppliers will continue to be compensated by state subsidies, that is, again, damage will be done to the state treasury and taxpaying citizens.

If the government has objections to what Mr. Alexopoulos is complaining about, then it should refute and explain what exactly will happen with the reorganization clause and whether providers will be able to change prices as they wish and make amendments in accordance with Article 2 to justify the payment for energy supply.

Because this is the very essence, and a simple “we say that this is not so” from government officials is not enough for us. A full explanation is required with evidence and arguments, if … there are any.

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