Greece: New electricity tariffs announced without adjustment clause

The tariffs that will be in effect in August were announced by electricity suppliers on July 25, 2022: DEI €0.486/kWh, Heron €0.495/kWh, Protergia €0.54913/kWh with further differences in flat rates for each supplier. The final price is obtained by deducting the government subsidy from the suppliers’ invoices. Final consumer electricity prices for August are set […]

INKA: “The price clause is not removed – it just changes the name and is integrated into the electricity bill”

The citizens of Greece are in for a continuation of the “electrical tragedy”, said Consumers Institute (INKA) lawyer Alexis Alexopoulos, as the infamous electricity price hike clause that has brought households and businesses to their knees won’t be lifted from Aug. 1 after all – it just changes its name. Instead of removing it, the […]