Russian sailor with sunken "Moscow" became an infantryman and was taken prisoner

The Security Service of Ukraine has published a video of the interrogation of a captured sailor who took part in the rescue of the Moskva cruiser.

The SBU interrogated a Russian sailor who, after an unsuccessful rescue cruiser “Moscow” transferred to the infantry and was captured. The young guy took part in an attempt to rescue the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in April, and then transferred to the infantry, fearing to die in the middle of the sea. He tells:

“I was a member of the operation to rescue the ship” Moskva “. There were a lot of corpses and, basically, the rescue was very sad. The ship was lost, it sank, they could not be towed. After we returned from the rescue of the” Moscow “, they gave two choice: either you go further to the ship at sea, or to the infantry. I had seen enough of what was on the “Moscow”, and did not want to go further, to see that you were dying in the middle of the sea – it was very scary. And I refused: I wrote a report that I agreed to special operation in Ukraine.

He “retrained” as an infantryman to fight in Ukraine. “Change profile” he was helped by “Wagnerian” instructors, it took three weeks to train. After graduation, the man was sent for reconnaissance to the Volnovakha district. Thirty Russian servicemen went on two armored personnel carriers, but the combat mission for the newcomers turned out to be a failure: the “scouts” stumbled upon an ambush of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and came under mortar fire.

Only three out of thirty survived. The interrogated said that he received first aid from the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who took him prisoner.

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