Lithuania called the export of Ukrainians to the Russian Federation the deportation of the Ukrainian people

The Seimas of Lithuania recognized the deportation of the Ukrainian people as the export of citizens of the country to Russia. He called on the international community to seek accountability for these crimes.

Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday, which was submitted by 23 deputies from different factions, with 50 votes in favor. The opposition did not take part in the vote due to a conflict with the ruling majority, although its representatives from the Social Democratic Party and the Labor Party presented this resolution.

With this decision, the Seimas recognized that the ongoing large-scale armed operation of the Russian Federation, led by the political and military leadership of the country, and the forced removal of the Ukrainian population to Russia or to territories temporarily controlled by it, are the deportation of the Ukrainian people.

Radvile Morkunaite-Mikulienene, a member of the Conservative Party of Lithuania, one of the initiators of the project, noted: “From aggressive Russia, whether it was 80 years ago or today, we, alas, cannot expect anything new – the same crimes against humanity are happening , expulsions, such a policy and military aggression is being carried out, which can lead individual countries, and probably entire regions, to possible famine or other terrible things.

The resolution condemns the expulsion from their homes of more than a million civilians, their forced deportation to Russia or controlled territories in order to destroy Ukrainian identity. It is noted that among these people there are more than 200 thousand children.

The Parliament calls for legal means to stop the genocide of the Ukrainian people, and for the deported citizens to create conditions for returning to Ukraine or leaving for any safe country.

The Seimas called on other states to prosecute the organizers of forced deportation and those involved in it, who commit crimes against humanity and other war crimes. The document says:

“The Sejm is confident that justice will prevail only when the leaders of Russia, other high-ranking organizers of crimes and direct perpetrators of military operations and the deportation of the Ukrainian civilian population are brought to justice.”

Among the initiators of the resolution: conservatives R. Morkunaite-Mikuliene, Emanuelis Zingeris, representatives of the Labor Party Andrius Mazuronis, Eva Kachinskaite-Urbonene, Zigmantas Balcytis, representatives of the Freedom Party Aušrine Armonaite, Arturas Žukauskas, Eva Pakarklyte, social democrats Dovile Sakalienė, Orinta Leipute and others parliamentarians, writes the Latvian national news agency LETA.

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